How this blog came (is coming?) to life

The truth is I never thought I would finally end up writing one. I often fantasized about blogging, but I quickly dismissed the idea: ‘A chemical engineering graduate student with time and energy for blogging?! Pfff…Highly unlikely.’ It turns out that what I needed to make this happen was the proper motivation, recognizing such motivation, and a little push from a wonderful person.

Ever since I can remember, I have cooked for people and with people. I like to think that through my cooking and sharing food, I am able to touch others. My cooking allowed me to establish a connection with my family. When I moved to Austin, TX and family remained in the D.C. area, it occurred to me that I had lost that valuable link and the sense of belonging that came with it. This feeling only intensified when my parents moved to India.

Then, I realized that being so far away from people I care about does not necessarily mean that I have to give up our bond. Just because we cannot eat and cook together as often as we used to does not mean that I cannot share the process with them. To me, cuisine is a transcendent art in the sense that it captures flavors, memories, and stories. I now understand that the stories behind my baked goods and dishes are as valuable as their tastes. By writing about them, I would like to touch people and I can only hope that they will enjoy them as much as they would enjoy tasting a freshly baked slice of cake. Through this blog, I have an opportunity to reshape the bond I enjoyed with family and friends as well as to share the one established with new friends.

Stay tuned for my 2016 culinary and food tasting adventures (most likely featuring some local Austin brewery posts) featuring inspirations from various food blogs and the pretty awesome book The Food Lab that my parents got me for Christmas. The next post will feature Tim’s birthday cake, a traditional chilean cake made of manjar (dulce de leche) layers.

FullSizeRender 3
My family and I sharing beignets in New Orleans. So worth the wait!



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